On a “Tightrope” with a “Good Burger”

This piece of writing compares Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” song and music video with that of the Brian Robbin’s Nickelodeon movie, “Good Burger”. The discussion is based off the following videos: Tightrope and Good Demented Hills. Janelle relays that one cannot get too high or too low in life. Her music video takes place at the Palace of the Dogs insane asylum. This facility was known for holding popular musicians such Jimi Hendrix. The music video lays out the tale of a patient catches the ‘crazy/ dancing feet’ with her friends. In the beginning the Tightrope music video, it is shared that at the Palace of the Dogs Asylum, “Dancing has long been forbidden for its subversive effect and its tendency to lead to illegal magical practices.” Dancing provided the patient in the with a temporary escape from the asylum.

“Good Burger” is about two teenage boys, Dexter and Ed played by Nickelodeon’s Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, who work at the local fast food restaurant called Good Burger.   After getting in mischief over their summer break, the two find themselves in Demented Hills, a local insane asylum…Well, here’s how they get there…The antagonist in the movie is a terrible guy named Kurt, he opens a new and high tech fast food restaurant across the street from Good Burger, called Mondo Burger. With their bigger and better burgers, Mondo Burger soon becomes competition for Good Burger. Even quicker, they begin to steal all of Good Burger’s customers and lead Good Burger to almost go out of business before the summer is out. Dexter and Ed suspect that something is odd about the “mondo” sizes of their competition’s burgers. The teens eventually discover that Mondo Burger is chemically inducing their burgers with an illegal food additive. When Kurt figures the know the secret ingredient, he sends them to the Demented Hills Mental Hospital to prevent the public from learning Mondo Burger’s secret. Ed begins to dance and sing, encouraging the other patients to dance. After the entire mental hospital breaks out in dance, the teens escape the mental hospital. But there was something unique about how they escaped Demented Hills. This was like Tightrope where they used there dancing as a way of escaping and making interactions with the other patients. Another correlation was that the group in “Good Burger” danced to the song Knee Deep by Funkadelic. Funkadelic, the artist, as his name reveals is know for his music of funk like Janelle Monae.

Throughout the Good Burger movie, the viewer could relate message behind “Tightrope”. The teens, Dexter and Ed, are walking on tightropes. They deal with wrecking their parent’s car, having to get summer jobs, being placed in a mental hospital. However, their gains are new friendships, improvement of the Good Burger restaurant, catching “bad guys”, and a summer to remember!


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