Cyborg?….Yes, I am a cyborg.

This entry is presented in the format of a letter from a cyborg to fellow society.

Dear Cyborg Society,

After being exposed to the film series Battlestar Galactica, and watching this short clip (, I am convinced that I, as a member of my fellow society am a cyborg! Before we all go around casually calling each other cyborgs, let me explain. First, how do we define cyborgs. According to, a cyborg is person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device. You all most likely would associate this with their typical sci-fi thrill, (i.e. X-Men, robot movies, and of course their favorite superhero and villains). What do these examples have in common? They each use unique tools to extend the boundaries of their physical body.

One may argue that humans cannot be cyborgs because their physical body limits them. However, I am aware that my body is surely not limited. I can regurgitate almost any piece of knowledge known to this planet, with my extended features of Google and Wikipedia. Just how the colonial fleet, in Battlestar Galactica, executes a faster-than-light jump every 33 minutes to escape the Cylons, I can do one better. I send my thoughts to hundreds of people in a hundred different locations, with my extended features of email and text messaging. I can also continuously read the minds of thousands of people, with my extended features of Twitter and Facebook. Did I mention I could tell you the exact location of everything on this planet, with my extended feature of GPS. If you think I am something special, wait to meet my guardians. My male guardian has the ability lift and crush cars with his extended feature of prosthetic arms. My female guardian has the ability to control every second of her heartbeat, with were extended feature of a pacemaker. Pretty cool, right! But what can I say, not all of us can be cyborgs.


Your Fellow Cyborg


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