Somebody to Love

Can anybody find me, somebody to love?

So begins one of Queen’s most famous anthems. In his conversation with Frankenstien, the monster speaks of how he has thought that same thought. All the monster has wanted was to love and be loved, be a part of the human world and have at least one.

The first verse of Queen’s song “Each morning I get up I die a little ; Can barely stand on my feet; Take a look in the mirror and cry; Lord what you’re doing to me; I have spent all my years in believing you; But I just can’t get no relief, Lord!” Upon hearing the monster’s conversation with Franenstein this song jumped to my mind as it echos the same feelings. The monster spoke of how he was disgusted with the image of himself whenever he came across it. For the monster Frankenstein is his sort of Lord. Frankenstien was his creator and the monster be believes that if anybody can aid him in an escape from loneliness it would be his lord, his creator, Frankenstein. 

The monster was granted a life and everything that goes with it by Frankenstein’s experiment. What the monster struggles most with is a loneliness that he attributes to his physical appearance, something for which Frankenstein is to blame. In their conversation the monster entreats Frankenstein to create another, a companion, a mate with whom he could spend time and friendship with. The monster’s existence must be something maddening. To observe from the outside, seeing the beauty of happy comanionship, but shunned whenever he is seen by others. His request to Frankenstein is in earnest in order to end his hellish isolation, but Frankenstein is caught in his own mental anguish which proves to make him an unresponsive and somewhat uncaring God/creator.  “I just gotta get out of this prison cell; Someday I’m gonna be free, Lord!” That is all both Frankenstein and the monster wants, to be free from the prison cell of isolation that they have been stuck in for years.


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