The Sunne Rising by John Donne…aka Young Love

I was not completely sure how the language in the poem translated but I would like to paint the picture for the poem. Imagine a guy who finally gets to go out with the girl of his dreams. Let us call the guy, John and the girl, Lala.  John has most likely been in love with Lala since they were in grade school.  As they go on more dates they fill as if they are in love, I call it young love. Then one night, after returning from a dinner date, they decided to try “something new” in their relationship. The next morning, John wakes up and feels as if he were on top of the world. John thinks he is “the man” now.  In addition, he thinks that after that night he is reassured that his love is even stronger and more real than he imagined. He thinks no ones love could ever compare to the love he has. John is so convinced that he begins to mock the sun for intruding on him and Lala. It is almost as if he were picking on the “big, bad” sun and saying, “Hey sun, who do you think you are?” But why is John acting in such a way? The answer is love. The present love gives John the up most happiness and confidence. It is almost like when people use the phrase “young love”.  For example, John doesn’t care about the world around him. It is like he is in world with just himself and Lala….and that is perfect to him! John’s love is so strong that he doesn’t need anything else. The Sunne Rising reminds me of the song Shorty Like Mine by Bow wow and Chris Brown In this song the male, like John, is boasting about his love for his lady or “shorty”. The male says “I got all this love inside of me and all I wanna do is give it to her. I don’t care what the fellas say bout it cause I got somethin’ to say bout it”. Like John, the male does not care about what the world thinks of him and his lady. As John eventually does, the male in the song lets the “sun” off easy with the words, “Some of the homies hate cause they want her, wish they the ones that’s datin’ my woman, gone get a good look cause she fine and I don’t mind cause she mine”. This is similar to John’s words in the Sunne Rising, “Shine here to us, and thou art everywhere; this bed thy center is, these walls thy sphere.” In all, I would agree that John was just feeling the love…or young love.


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